About Us

Optimal Track has a proven track record of helping people achieve dramatic improvements in their results by unlocking their growth, effectiveness and fulfilment. This is achieved using a highly collaborative approach, creating powerful leaders and highly effective teams through a focus on self-awareness, self-leadership, interpersonal behaviour, team dynamics and communications.

A key focus area is teaching people how to do the things that they already know how to do, but aren't doing. This is probably the most critically overlooked area of personal development and is certainly one of the least understood.

All our work is built around one central philosophy: that everybody has far more potential than they realise. We are committed to helping all of our clients to rapidly unleash their potential, thereby radically transforming their results. Our approach works - and our clients know it. Get a flavour for the benefits that you, too, could enjoy in our testimonials.

To maximise the benefit that you get from working with us we:

  • Never assume that we already know what you need. We recognise the individuality of every situation and leave our own favourite hobby-horses exactly where they belong - at home for our own personal use.
  • Deliver work that provides practical outcomes that your business can really use.
  • Seek regular feedback to ensure that we are exceeding expectations, delivering commercial value and doing all that we can to support you in reaching agreed goals.
  • Avoid creating any dependency on us. We want to enable your growth so that you can continue to use everything that you have learned after we leave.
  • Stay at the very top of our game by continually working on developing ourselves - we walk our own talk and know that our progress requires us to do our own push-ups.
  • Adhere to the strict code of practice developed by the International Coaching Federation that is presented in our ethical statement.

Optimal Track is headed by Michael Nicholas, a coach, corporate trainer, professional speaker and leadership expert who has recently authored Being The Effective Leader. Michael specialises in individual and team performance and empowering people to make more of themselves and those around them by harnessing the power of effective leadership.

Michael did not start out as a coach. Qualifying initially as chartered engineer, his career began with seven years as a commissioned officer in the RAF, which included live action in the first Gulf War. He has also been a Director in the strategy practice at Deloitte Consulting and has several years, senior level, blue chip experience. Since starting Optimal Track he has helped several of the UK’s largest organisations and many smaller, entrepreneurial businesses to achieve greater success, as well as training several hundred people globally to become effective coaches.