Leadership Performance

Business Performance Starts with Leaders

Why would somebody who is already successful and at the top of the ladder invest their time and resources in coaching? In our experience the most important reason is this: your business, division or team can never perform to a level greater than that set by your own leadership ability.

In short, your business results depend on your ability to create an environment in which people want to give their best. In fact, recent studies have demonstrated that roughly 50 to 70% of the way in which employees perceive organisational climate is attributable to the actions and behaviours of one person - their leader - and that climate determines their productivity and level of engagement. This in turn has a direct impact on the bottom line of the business.

Fortunately, creating such an environment is a skill that can be learned, but it stands to reason that it is not possible to lead others at a level beyond that which you have achieved when leading yourself.

We believe that personal one-to-one performance coaching for executives and entrepreneurial business owners is a vital element of any initiative to drive improved results for these individuals and, ultimately, their businesses. In all of our work we are extremely results orientated, ensuring that we address current and important business challenges. We approach the work as a partnership, with our responsibility being to help our clients towards increased effectiveness and greater competence.

You Must go First

Self-leadership requires that personal barriers to higher levels of performance are identified and dealt with. Unfortunately, such barriers are usually also 'blind spots', of which people are unaware. Furthermore, because the quality of feedback tends to diminish as people become more senior, their blind spots can be very damaging. If you are a senior executive or business owner, the use of an effective coach is likely to be of greater value to you than others for two primary reasons:

  • It is critical that you learn to lead yourself effectively because this will determine the performance level that will be achieved by your business
  • Your influence will touch other people, so the benefits of positive changes that you make can be multiplied many times over.